How to Supercharge your Firestick with AppTuner

The AppTuner Goodies

It does all the hard work for you.

Manage FireTV From Your PC Seat
  • Auto Discover Fire TV's or Stick's
  • Warrenty will remain untouched
  • Performs a unthetered jailbreak
  • Create AppTuner Custom Packages
  • Available for Windows Vista/7/8.x/10.x
  • Flash as many Firesticks as you want
  • Totally Free to download and use
Click and Enjoy New Content!
  • No annoying URL typing
  • No Installation Popups or Dialogs
  • 1-Click Installation of Apps, Kodi, Builds
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Manage a Fire TV or Stick completely
  • Do something else during Installation
  • Fully responsive FireTV during Installation

3 AppTuner Features That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


With the APPS INSTALLER feature you are able to install predefined Apps on your Firestick with just one click.

You want more Apps? No Problem! Apps and Kodi Builds can be extended well beyond its built-in content by creating Custom AppTuner Configuration Files.


With this method you are able to process several tasks like installing Apps, Kodi and Kodi Builds at once with a few clicks. This is like a free remote installation service at your place. Yes your heard right. You will get your Fully Loaded Kodi Stick within a few minutes, at your place, without paying a huge amount of money or dispatching your device.


With this toolbox you can manually install Apps or create KODI Backups. In contrast to ADBLink or other tools you can just drag&drop your *.apk files on the Area and install them all at once. The Kodi backups will automatically be compressed in a ZIP-file. This makes it easier for you to restore it via the BATCH INSTALLER

Check out Use Cases, Videos and Tutorials for the AppTuner

So, what can you expect?

It is nothing new that there are a lot of useful and powerful Apps like Kodi which are NOT available in the official Amazon App Store. The AppTuner is perfect if you want to get the maximum out of your Fire TV without the hassle of reading and trying tutorials for days which mostly didn’t work. You will get surprised about the fact, that your device could be transformed into the ultimate multimedia entertainment center. With this tool you get the easiest and fastest solution to increase the offer of Movies, Apps and Games on your Amazon Stick or Box.

Don't worry, the Windows-based AppTuner Application was designed to be easy and intuitve. There is nearly no user interaction or knowledge required. That makes it a great application for beginners as well as advanced users.

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